How to Jam #1: Hot Pepper Jelly & Grilled Cheese

In our How to Jam series we’re asking people how they like to eat our jam and sharing their wacky creations with you here.

Today’s How to Jam #1: Hot Pepper Jelly & Grilled Cheese

Today I made a gloomy day grilled cheese. The weather in NYC sucks: cold, windy, damp. I thought a great cure would be a cheerful, spicy, cheesy grilled cheese sammie! I was right.

I toasted some organic sandwich bread, smeared a nice thick layer of our “I Eat Brooklyn Hot Pepper Jelly” on one side, rubbed a hunk of garlic on the other, added some super sharp chedder and grilled it on the stove until it was melty and toasty. So good. The pepper jelly adds just the right bite of sweet and spicy to the cheesy goodness. This may be my new addiction.

Let us know how you jam!

Pump the jam, pump it.

2 thoughts on “How to Jam #1: Hot Pepper Jelly & Grilled Cheese

  1. We missed out on NYC’s cold grey day; central NY was sunshine without heat (but at least we stayed dry!) I decided to celebrate a last day of grilling by using some of my Italian prune-plum jam to baste a pork steak on both sides and grilled it along with a spaghetti squash. Dressed the shredded squash with butter and thyme and served the plum-glazed pork on top. Jam on!

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