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Mustard + Ketchup now available at Whole Foods

UncategorizedLaena McCarthy

It's true, we cheated on jam with ketchup and mustard. It started as a simple tryst and ended with a full-blown affair. The mustard will soon be available at most of the stores where we sell the jam, and the ketchup is exclusive to whole foods.They are available at all the Northeast stores in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Look for them with other artisanal grilling items throughout the stores. A little more about them:

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Beer Mustard Brown and yellow mustard seeds, beer, malt vinegar, sugar, salt, spices The perfect whole grain mustard. Barely ground, like “caviar” it pops in the mouth. We love it with ham sandwiches, fresh pretzels, and on strawberries (trust us).

Herb Mustard Brown and yellow mustard seeds, malt vinegar, garlic, fresh tarragon, mustard powder, sugar, salt, spices Herbaceous and whole grain. Lightly ground and a little spicy. We love it with turkey sandwiches, as a marinade on roast chicken, and stirred into salad dressings.

Ketchup Tomatoes, tomato paste, brown sugar, vinegar, salt, spices Simple, pure, all natural, classic ketchup.

Spicy Ketchup Tomatoes, tomato paste, brown sugar, vinegar, smoked jalapenos, salt, spices Like our classic ketchup, but with the addition of smoked jalapenos that add a smoky spicy bite.