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Get your mustard on: it’s BBQ + picnic season

Mustard is a stellar condiment year-round, but there’s something about picnics and BBQs that begs for that spicy, salty, vinegary taste. You can put it on anything (try dipping fresh strawberries in the beer mustard), but it adds such great texture and flavor to summer foods, whether on a burger or grilled zucchini or stirred […]

Salted Caramel Apple Butter: Recipe + Pairings

It’s officially fall, and that means we release our seasonal Salted Caramel Apple Butter. How do we make it?

First, we prep apples that we get from our friends at Mead Farm in the Hudson Valley. We cook them in a touch of water until they’re soft and buttery.

Next, we take dry organic, fair […]

The Manhattan Jam: Sour Cherry Preserves Recipe

Photo by Michael Harlan Turkell, from my cookbook “Jam On”

Because it’s cherry season, I’m posting one of my favorite recipes! Enjoy!

The Manhattan Jam // Sour Cherry Preserves A Manhattan cocktail in a jar! Sour cherries float in a red glow of rye whiskey, vermouth, orange and bitters

This recipe is an homage […]

Anarchy in an Egg

Back when the company was in its infancy, Laena would moonlight in food competitions, using jam as an ingredient in everything from risotto to grilled cheese.

At this point, only a worthy benefit gets her back in the ring. The Anarchy in a Jar crew will be making deviled eggs at a fundraiser for Just […]

Jammin’ Video with Girl Gift Gather

Laena had a super fun time jammin‘ with the ladies of Girl Gift Gather, a rad project you have to check out!


NEW Stinky Bklyn in Chelsea

The infamous team at Stinky Bklyn (and Jakewalk & Vine) has opened a sweet new cheese shop and wine store in Chelsea! And they’ve got the jams.

New Stinky Bklyn in Manhattan

Get Your Beer on at Food 52

It’s beer time on the awesome website and online food mecca, Food 52. Our Beer Mustard and Beer Jelly are part of the fun party, check it out!

Jam + Mustard for Sale on Tapiture

Tapiture is a cool website and now they’ve got the jamz: http://shop.tapiture.com/collections/anarchy-in-a-jar

It’s interesting to see how sites such as Tapiture evolve our idea of a website; interaction, discovery, buying cool stuff. And massive content. It feels positively urban to tool around on the site.

this is how it feels



Jam is delicious all year round, but it’s especially nice stuffed in a stocking or served with cheese and holiday feasts.

Here’s a few of our favorite spots to score some:

Bedford Cheese Shop in Williamsburg

Greene Grape Provisions in Fort Greene

Eastern District in Greenpoint

By Brooklyn in Carroll Gardens

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese in […]

Umami Shiso Fine Mustard

Say it out loud and it’s pretty funny: “umami shiso fine”. Say it with a little swagger, maybe a slight Puerto Rican or Dominican accent.

Our newest invention in the Anarchy kitchens is UMAMI SHISO FINE MUSTARD, and it’s just what it sounds like: umami + shiso. How do we make it? We take mustard […]