Anarchy in a Jar

the revolution starts in your mouth

“Extraordinary preserves.”
— Julia Moskin, New York Times

The Idea

Founder and CEO Laena McCarthy grew up making preserves with her family in New York’s Hudson Valley,

An international career in science support and academia ignited my interest in plants, spices, and food as medicine, and I learned simple recipes from people I met around the world for preserved foods that were both tasty and healing, tinctures, liver tonics, healing ointments, and cleansing teas. I landed back in NYC and decided to make her passion for preservation and plants into a business.

Laena launched Anarchy in a Jar in 2009, embracing a revived demand for fresh, local, creative food. With help from her team of tasters, fellow food makers and fans, she grew the business into a plant-based food and skincare powerhouse, where she stirs her eclectic experience and passion for plants into elixirs of the jar.

Laena is continually learning and growing her knowledge of plants, nutrition, and the human body. A passion for natural living, eating, and using herbs and whole foods inspired her to start her own herbal wellness practice specializing in women's reproductive health, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery. Contact us to make a virtual or physical appointment at her Brooklyn office.

The revolution starts in you.

Style & Quality

Our mantra: plant-based, unique flavors with a genuine dedication to craft, flavor and authenticity, using small-batch techniques and ethical sourcing of ingredients. 

You can find the jam and mustard at many grocery stores and cheese shops throughout the New York tri-state, New England, DC, the Midwest, in select stores nationwide, and online.

You can find the skincare online and at our classes and workshops, or at our offices by appointment

Anarchy in a Jar has been featured in The New York TimesThe New York Times T Style Magazine, The Martha Stewart Show, Saveur, Food & Wine, Bon AppetitNew York MagazineTasting Table, Serious Eats, and Time Out New York.

See our Press page for more info.

100% Handcrafted

All our products are crafted by hand using expertly sourced ingredients, thoroughly researched for safety. They are cruelty-free, sls-free, paraben-free, and free of chemical additives and preservatives.

Laena says,

ANARCHY IN A JAR is my vision for herb-based food and beauty products that reflect a desire to reconnect with simple, pure, chemical-free ingredients. I only use the highest quality ingredients in every product. Each one of my products reflect my love for food, beauty, and design, encompassed in a life-long obsession with the healing power of herbs and plants.

All our products are cooked by hand and all natural, made primarily with plants from local and small farms in Brooklyn and the Hudson Valley.

We combine pure plant-based fruit, seeds, or oil with botanical herbs + spices.

That's it, no junk. Our methods combine old world techniques with modern finesse, bringing innovation to the tradition of preservation and herbalism.

Get your plants on.