Jam Dog Experiment #1

The setting: A Brooklyn kitchen late at night. Two women stand in a scene of carnage. Hot dogs lay everywhere; puff pastry flakes scattered across the counter; a quarter-full bottle of bourbon lies beside the foreman grill; jars of jam and peanut butter linger with knives protruding; half eaten biscuits, buns, and corn pancakes adorn plates. The women are sick, barely able to crawl out of the room with the bourbon.

This is what happens when testing recipes for the 4th annual Great Hot Dog Cookoff. Last year Anarchy did not win first place, but this year we're trying to walk away with a tiara, or at least a sense of victory while amusing the guests who will be drunk on great Kelso beer and high on dogs. The Hot Dog Cookoff will take place at Kelso Brewery in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, on July 18th. Be there. It's the best food competition in the city (sorry, it's true): relaxed, friendly and full of love. Kara, the hostess, somehow manages to create a great party full of crazy chefs, amazing food, great beer and a sense of playful, competitive fun, without the cloud of monotony and overwhelming formality that descends upon the row of chefs and their sternos at most food competitions. Not so here. Come join the party and eat the best, most inventive hot dogs you can imagine!

Back to the scene in the kitchen.

At long last--after the "Southern Pig" (dog, pulled pork, cole slaw, hot sauce and jelly), "Bible Belt" (dog, biscuit, bacon, peach chutney) and "French Pig" (puff pastry, jam, brie) failed to thrill--in a moment of hot dog fueled insanity, the "PB & J dog", alternatively called "the Elvis", is born. Salty and sweet, the dog adds a hit of salty fat that takes the PB & J to the next level. Or maybe the next galaxy. For real. With homemade Anarchy grape jelly of course. Delicious and nutritious. Just like mom made it.

It's peanut butter jelly time!