Dark Kiss in a Jam

Our Dark Kiss Jam with black raspberries, white and yellow peaches, sugar and a little lemon juice failed to pack the kind of punch the name and our label demands in a jam. What to do?

It needed more acidity, and a deeper, more complex series of flavors. Sweet, tart, sour and then possibly a teeny hit of bitter zest. Also, the texture of the peaches was difficult. They turned to baby food and failed to give the peachy, juicy punch that happens when they're fresh and raw.

How to repair our Dark Kiss?

For the flavor I'm adding lime juice and pithless lime peel that has been simmered with sugar until it is translucent and soft. The texture is trickier, but I am working with mashing the fruit and adding all natural pectin. The combination of pectin and lime should make the jam firmer, and less like baby food.

I'll let you know when the jam is fixed. Until then, we be jammin.

UncategorizedLaena McCarthy