99% Brooklyn Hot Pepper Jelly

Our newest creation is an homage to our great borough of Brooklyn. The peppers are from Rooftop Farms in Greenpoint, and were supplied by our friend, farmer Ben, who grew these beauties on his rooftop farm with a great view of Manhattan to inspire their ambitious heat. The vinegar is red wine vinegar made by us at our Anarchy headquarters in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, Domino Sugar left the borough a few years ago, but it's the closest sugar we could come to that was Brooklyn based--hence the 99%.

This stuff has kick ass heat and amazing flavor from cherry bombs, jalapenos and sweet peppers. And the color is a rich golden-red fire to quell the cold rain and snow that has invaded New York. Eat this and savor the heat of summer in your mouth and the bounty of our great city.

Brooklyn rules.

Jam on!