You make jam in NYC?

We get this a lot. People scoff and think it's weird. Most small batch & artisanal jam is made on farms, in France or California, in rural areas with easy access to fresh fruit, or all the above. But NYC is the perfect locale for jam production, just like it's the perfect place to start a rooftop farm or raise bees. Let us count the ways: 1. Access to great produce. While it seems contrary to the industrial image of NYC, it's actually easier to acquire fresh, beautiful fruit here than in many parts of the country. Numerous farmer's markets across the city and demand by gourmands and chefs  means the fruit is top of the line and there's great variety.  Red Jacket Orchards,  is a perfect example. They're our favorite fall vendor and their plums, apples, pears and quince are impeccable. You can find them at one of the markets almost every day of the week.

2. A dearth of local jam for sale. There are very few local jam companies, and none that produce anything like we do (if the label says NYC but it's made in a factory upstate or in Jersey, sorry, it doesn't count). People want their jam and we bring it. Here's hoping it doesn't get too saturated like the NYC pickle market!

3. Voracious & fine-paletted foodies who like it local, organic & artisanal. Thanks, eaters, for being so discerning, hungry, supportive and inspiring. It's easy to stay cutting edge and excited when people keep us real. It's our friends and jam fans who challenge us to include their favorite new flavors, like bergamont, pear & chipotle, St. Germain. And this is what gernerates new ideas and heightens our experience of the everyday act of eating. Jam on!