How to Jam #2: Sweet & Punchy Poached Eggs

I (Laena) claimed on the radio last week that breakfast was the best and sexiest date meal. I rallied for it not only because it's so easy to incorporate jam, but because I truly believe breakfast is a great place to be creative, cozy and fun in the kitchen. If it's a meal you're sharing with someone, then you probably really like them. No makeup, no fancy restaurant, just two people in their pj's flirting and fortifying themselves for the day ahead. Very sexy.

A perfect meal to prepare is my sweet & punchy poached eggs. A poached egg with marmalade is easy to make, fancy, healthy and delicious. This recipe is simple: poach an egg, toast some tasty bread, smear good butter (local Ronnybrook butter is delish) and our Clementine or Ménage à trois Marmalade on it and eat. It will leave a little sweet jam on the lips for your post-breakfast kiss.

For those who do not know....

Kick Ass Poached Eggs Recipe

Go here and then watch this video:

Gordon Ramsey - Poached Egg

First bring water in a saucepan to almost boiling. Add one or two teaspoons of vinegar to the water--any kind, but balsamic makes them brownish. Rice vinegar tastes awesome too! The vinegar will help the egg whites to congeal more easily.

Working with the eggs one at a time, crack an egg into a small cup or ladle. Swirl the water with a whisk or spoon. Place the cup near the surface of the hot water and gently drop the egg into the water.

Turn off the heat. Cover. Let sit for 4 minutes or so until the egg whites are cooked.

Lift eggs out of pan with a slotted spoon and put in a bowl of cold water to stop cooking.

Eat them.

This will not be the only breakfast in the "How to Jam" saga. Soon we will titillate your morning with "the best scrambled eggs ever" and "jam omelets".

Stay tuned and jam on.

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