Limes for a rainy day

whoa, look at those green hotties!

We're hoping the new iPhone 4G comes with a scent feature. This post would be much sweeter if you could share in the divine scent that wafts through the kitchen as the limes are cooked into marmalade. Jose, who works alongside us in the kitchen at Chestnut, couldn't help letting out an "mmm" as he walked by the pot.

We slice Persian limes into quarter slivers and cook them with some water to soften the rind, then let them rest overnight in the fridge, then bring to a boil and add sugar, then back into the fridge to macerate overnight, then we boil them into marmalade, add some pandan leaf and jar them for your eating pleasure.

Dreaming of the exotic scent of limes is a perfect antidote to this rainy, balmy Monday in New York.