Salons & New York Times, hello springtime

Jam is best when shared with others. I love traveling around town, meeting new people and feeding them jam.

Last Sunday I had the good fortune to attend Adam Aleksander's marvelous Les Salonnieres artist's salon and supper club. I fed them jam. They performed, shared and wowed me into an inspired art frenzy. Thanks, it was awesome.

I also taught jam class at Kara Masi's amazing Ted & Amy Supper Club. I met some wonderful novice jam makers, we drank wine and stirred elixirs of the jar together. We laughed, we cried, we made jam. The great writer and lovely lady, Ava Chin of the New York Times, came and wrote about the class for her last New York Times' Urban Forager column before she moves on to City Room. She wrote a really nice review and I'm so glad that she quoted me as saying “'This is when the magic happens,' she said, stirring slowly as the cooling jam started to thicken. 'Look how it becomes goober-y.'” Yes, that is exactly something that I would say. Thanks, it was awesome.

Where will Bluebell and I pedal to next week? Stay tuned...