Maple syrup is shakin' at the sugar shack

One of Anarchy's signature flavors is Easy Like Sunday Morning blueberry jam with maple syrup. I get my maple syrup from some lovely folks Upstate at the Lyonsville Sugar House in Accord, New York.  When Spring begins to dissipate the dark winter, the Stockin family gathers and then boils down the sap in a wood-fired stainless steel avaporator. Their award-winning syrup is processed from the tree to the finished product in less that one day. John Stockin has been making maple syrup in Lyonsville with the help of friends & family since 1973. The Stockin family - John, Janine, Ben & Raymond - sets approximately 4000 taps, producing 600 to 1200 gallons of syrup yearly. This sounds like a lot, but it's small batch and the best damn maple syrup I have ever tasted. It must be the love they add that gives it the extra delicious flavor. I like it grade B for my jam, to give it that rich and toasty flavor.

I couldn't make it up to their pancake breakfast this year, but my mom grabbed some gallons of syrup for me to add to this year's Easy Like Sunday Morning.