Jam on it @ Brooklyn Farmacy & Grilled Cheese in Park Slope

Where ya at? We've been cruisin around town, shakin' that jam booty on TV for the Discovery Channel's "Construction Intervention" and making grilled cheese & jam in Park Slope.

"Construction Intervention", a new show on Discovery Channel that helps save small businesses, took on the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain in Carroll Gardens. It's a great store run by Petey & his sister Gia, two of the loveliest people--they are exactly who you want a show like that to help out. And they did an awesome job! Look at the pics above! I was their special "surprise" present that these kind of shows always offer. I let them design their own Farmacy jam flavor. It was fun and an honor to help these kids start a great new business -- hopefully I didn't look too foolish or bob my head incessantly like I usually do on TV. Go get your egg cream on starting May 14th!

My sister Emma and I also sold jam at the Brooklyn Lyceum Craft and Food Market. She made grilled cheese with hot fireman's pear chipotle jam. It was delish! As always at markets in NYC, there was a slew of great vendors offering amazing food, beverage & stuff. And as always, the charming and friendly people of Brooklyn make it all worthwhile. One little girl said in a hushed and serious tone, "this is better than better," after eating 3s company triple berry jam. I hired her on the spot to be my spokesperson.