Veggies, bread and jam every Sunday at Roberta's

It's the perfect storm of a farm market: a delicious convergence of vegetables, bread and jam every Sunday! We're selling jam alongside the crew of the Brooklyn Grange Farm every Sunday in the backyard at Roberta's in Bushwick, Brooklyn from 11-5. There are veggies from the farm (gorgeous greens, herbs, basil, fennel, zucchini, heirloom, plum & cherry tomatoes in 2 weeks, peppers, cucumbers, and much more), fresh bread from Roberta's new wood-fired bread oven (in a shipping container in the backyard), and jam. Each week more folks come by and stock up on goods for Sunday night dinner and the week ahead. Plus there's the usual fabulous pizza, salads, fried chicken, beer, fresh fruity spritzers and all that other awesome stuff for offer at Roberta's. You can spend your whole Sunday with us and walk away happy, fed, drunk and prepped for a week of good eating. Summer's bounty is here!

Remember when we lay in thick of winter--cold, sickly, pale and bored with the endless-seeming, drab and insipid city--eating tasteless grocery store veggies from South America or nibbling on an old mealy apple and dreaming of the far-off magical time of year when we would wander through the warm, delectable and ambrosian city of summer, eating amazing food in backyards or rooftops or the welcoming living rooms of wonderful, glowing, tanned friends? That time is now. The farm is overflowing with delicious vegetables and the jars are being steadily filled with mouthwatering local fruits to sustain you through the dark winter that will inevitably cycle round once again--stock up on jam, sun, joy, experiences and great food!

What jam can you get at the market? Stores around town tend to sell our regular flavors that we produce year-round, but there are the special small batch flavors that are only available until they sell out (sometimes fast!). These are what we'll be selling on Sundays at Roberta's, including a bunch with herbs from the farm. I've been helping cultivate some jammin herbs up on the roof, nurturing them with love until they're ready to be put in a jar. What flavors can you expect to find over the next few weeks? Morello Black Sour Cherry Preserves; Apricot with vanilla, Gewürztraminer and thyme; White Peach with lemon verbena; Blueberry with lavendar; Golden Sugar Plum with sweet Eiswein.

Hungry yet? Come visit us! Every Sunday will be a new and exciting adventure. There will be something extra special each week: a bluegrass band, a BBQ, a jazz trio and more. Check back here or follow us on Twitter or Facebook to see what's happening each week.