Jam on it

We've been a little bit MIA on the old jam blog here, it's been a busy summer, what with jamming, farming and shakin' our jammer booties at different events around town. But Autumn is upon us, and we'll make sure to write more often and fill these pixels with luscious picture of jam and things to make with jam.

Here is a tardy update on the 5th annual Great Hot Dog Cookoff, which we always participate in and always find some way to put jam on our hot dogs. The first year we had the Colombian Dog, with pineapple, grape jelly, "pink sauce", and crushed potato chips, last year we had the PB &J dog, and this year we did a "Farm Frank" with hot pepper jelly, green tomato relish, radish and carrot pickles, & smoked paprika aioli. We used all local produce, and the hot pepper jelly was made from peppers Igrew from seed and tended with love on my man's rooftop farm.