How to Jam #5: Apple Pie "Applets"

I'm extremely lucky in my current cooking space, where I get to cook alongside the incredibly talented pastry chef, Carla Perez.  She's really, really good at inventing desserts and everything she makes is delicious and a little magical. We did a some jam session spinning when she wanted to riff on apple pie, but make it a little more exciting and pure. I call them "applets". These are local apples, cored, filled with raisins, my plum and shiraz jam, and Carla's astoundingly awesome smoked almonds (she smokes them in the smoker after the pork, so they taste like bacon laced almonds--sweet, bacony, nutty, smoky--I literally cannot stop eating them and have to be forced to put them down). Then she wrapped them in chedder accented pie dough and baked them. So good, so beautiful, so jammy.

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