Probably the best chutney in the world

Maybe an exaggeration, but our Tipsy Chutney with apples, cranberries and whiskey soaked raisins is good stuff. I often get excellent, basic questions from jam fans, so it seems pertinent to explore the question "what the heck is chutney exactly?" Chutney is a term borrowed from Hindi that describes a sauce in Indian cuisine. Chutneys usually contain a varied but harmonious spice and vegetable or fruit mixture. Chutneys are generally viscous with a coarse to fine texture. The Anglo-Indian word refers to both fresh and pickled preparations that are a combination of savory and sweet.

American and European style chutneys usually contain fruit, vinegar and sugar, and are reduced to a viscous and richly flavored sauce through cooking. Spices such as sugar, salt, garlic, tamarind, onion, or ginger are often added to intensify the flavor.

Chutneys are a great accompaniment to a meal and can be eaten a variety of ways from a little nibble on a cracker to a spoonful with roast meat. For those that love a little savory sweet vinegary combo, they can be eaten with almost anything.

Tis' the season, and this week we made Tipsy Chutney with apples, cranberries and whiskey soaked raisins (both golden and Thompson). The apples are perfect Winesaps from Wilklow Orchards in Highland, New York. Spicy, tart and crisp, with a beautiful deep red skin and a fruity fermenty wine flavor, these babies are great eaten fresh or cooked. Keeping it fun as always, we soaked the raisins in Black Maple Hill's small-batch bourbon and added smoked paprika, cinnamon and cloves. We used organic apple cider vinegar and brown sugar as our sweet & savory base. It's delicious and we're psyched to bring some to our Thanksgiving fete's! This is a seasonal chutney, so grab them quick if you see them at a store or market.

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