Shops we love that sell our jam: Greene Grape Provisions

Greene Grape Provisions was one of the first stores that sold my jam when I started the company in 2009. The staff is great and the products perfectly curated. They never treat us like robot vendors, but as friends and neighbors. The Greene Grape wine shop started in 2004 as a small wine store dedicated to small production wines.  In 2008 they opened Greene Grape Provisions, focusing on high quality, fresh and sustainable food, that's locally sourced where possible.  They have a rad seafood counter with fresh never frozen fishes, a butcher counter with grass fed beef from local New York farms (and usually very attractive butchers), and an impressive cheese counter with close to 100 different cheeses from around the globe. They also have organic & local produce which is damn hard to find around here, and a grocery with all the favorite local pickles, mustard, kimchee, etc.

We love them and recommend everyone go visit, say hi, and buy some great food.

UncategorizedLaena McCarthy