Market to Market: Outdoor Market Season Begins!

Spring is here for real! The leaves are bursting out on the trees and the city is filled with the downy mist of falling blossoms. Time to go visit the outdoor markets and enjoy the bounty! After the long, wretched winter there might just be a feeding frenzy at the markets as we fill our arms and bellies with all the great produce and goods for sale. On the farm, spicy, invigorating arugula is already being harvested for my dinner table. And in the kitchen, we're concocting new jams for spring -- stay tuned!

The first market we'll be selling at is New Amsterdam Market, one of the best outdoor food markets in the city. Down under the overpass at South Street Seaport, it's easy to see the history of the city and feel the vibrant creative food world that made this town awesome for the past few centuries. The season debuts on May 1, and they're making it special with a celebration of green and growing things and calling it Floralia. The ever-knowledgeable and cheeky Village Voice notes:

Floralia, as it happens, is an ancient Roman holiday honoring Floral, the goddess of flowers and vegetation. Pagan scholars have described it as a "three-day love festival"; Wikipedia notes that these days of drinking, eating, and dancing were "considered by the prostitutes of Rome to be their own."

We'll be selling alongside other awesome and delicious food peeps such as Sullivan Street Bakery, Liddabit Sweets, Brooklyn Cured, Marlow & Sons, P & H Soda (who we're lucky to share a kitchen with) and many others.

Come say hi, eat some good stuff, buy some jam and enjoy springtime!