Rhubarb Hibiscus Jam

Spring is here and the first edible jammable produce is starting to pop up on local farms and at the market! On a rainy spring afternoon, I trudged to the market in my rain boots to bargain my first bundle of rhubarb from some nice farmers from Montgomery, New York.

I decided to mix it with dried hibiscus flowers to make it a lovely pink color. Rhubarb when cooked by itself usually turns an unattractive brown color, but with strawberries or hibiscus added it gets a lovely hue. I boiled and seeped the hibiscus overnight and then strained it into the rhubarb the next day. The hibiscus flavor is tart and bright, balancing well with the sour rhubarb. The jam is lovely and delicious, particularly on scones.

We'll have it at our outdoor markets (secret-as-yet-to-be-revealed-market and New Amsterdam) and a few lucky shops will carry it too!

Happy Spring!