Beer Jelly is Pretty

As noted in previous posts, I've been working on a beer jelly all winter and the first batches were ready for the second Smorgasburg Market on May 28th. There was lots of good response, my favorite being a gentleman who took a taste unknowingly and said "what is this jelly and why does it make me crave a beer so bad?"

We've been working with Sixpoint Craft Ales -- an amazing brewery in Red Hook, Brooklyn -- and using their special "Mad Scientist" series of beers. For the first batch we used Mad Scientist #3, which was malty and fruity and awesome. Our current batch uses Mad Scientist #4, which is a hibiscus flavored wheat beer. Here's the details for all of those that have asked and those who are curious.

Mad Scientist #4 Hibiscus Ale %5.0 ABV

Appearance is deep strawberry red, with a pinkish white head. Flavor is tart and summery, light and refreshing. Slightly herbal, tart hibiscus blends well with delicate hop flavors, hints of citrus and vanilla in the finish.

Ingredients: American pale malt Canadian wheat malt German munich malt German crystal malt Canadian flaked oats

American Citra and German Hallertauer hops

They also added organic hibiscus powder (dried hibiscus flowers in powdered form).

If you would like to taste the beer, head to the Fourth Avenue Pub in Park Slope.

If you would like a taste of the jelly, come to our weekend markets: Smorgasburg (in Williamsburg) and New Amsterdam (at South Street Seaport).

If you would like to buy the jelly immediatly, Bedford Cheese Shop has it for sale.