Jam with Your Cheese

Jam and cheese are a perfect pair; I would even argue it trumps P B & J (sacrilege, I know). You can now buy our Strawberry Balsamic Jam online and in the catalog at Murray's Cheese! Perfect for gifts to friends and family far away, since they have great combos and they'll pack up a perfect basket full of cheese, jam, crackers and/or meat and ship it anywhere.  Take caution, Murray's is a dangerous and magical place full of cheese and other delicacies that will knock your socks off. I've been known to waddle out of their store at Grand Central Terminal, bound for my family upstate with bags full of things I just couldn't resist sharing. Really cool bonus? It's actually cheaper to buy my jam at Murray's than Whole Foods and many of the specialty shops where it's sold (though you can't beat $5 at Green Grape Provisions in Fort Greene).

Send grandma some cheese and jam or xmas: http://www.murrayscheese.com/prodinfo.asp?number=60893826283


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