Jam Talk: Chatty with Cathy on the Radio

I got the great pleasure of speaking with Cathy Erway of Heritage Radio Network about my new cookbook yesterday afternoon on her show Let's Eat In. In case you didn't get a chance to hear up gossip about fruit, canning and cooking, here's a link to the show. We talk about what's in season for canning and tips for getting cheap, local fruit -- plus lots of other fun tidbits. I've been on Cathy's show twice before and it's always a blast! First I was on with Kheedim Oh of Mama Oh's Kimchee on the show "Spicy vs Sweet" where we battled it out for which is sexier. Yes, I won. And last winter, I was on with chef Patrick Connolly and farmer Ben Flanner (who happens to be my boyfriend), discussing the challenges of being a locavore in winter.

If you haven't already, you should check out Heritage Radio Network. It's amazing! The lineup of shows is diverse, the hosts are all incredible experts in their various food fields, and the guests are crazy awesome. It began with the genius that is Patrick Martins, and is managed by the rad duo Erin and Jack. I would love to spend a staycation lounging in my house and listening to all the shows for a week straight.