Sun Gold Tomato Jam

A number of people have contacted the ladies of Anarchy in a Jar to let us know they've been making Sun Gold Tomato Jam from our cookbook. 'Tis the season, and we've been making it too at Anarchy headquarters! I picked a bunch of sun gold tomatoes that had split with the rain this past weekend with my man at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm in the Brooklyn Navy Yards.

Right now is a great time to make this recipe, or anything with tomatoes, and I wanted to share some alternate variations for all of you out there wanting to try your hand at canning all those beautiful tomatoes overflowing in the gardens and farmer's markets. The recipe in the cookbook is a no-sugar recipe that uses honey, but you can simply omit any sweetener if your tomatoes are naturally super sweet. Or you can use sugar if you like. If you're using ugly weather-beaten tomatoes, you can put them through a foodmill or chinois strainer, removing the skins and seeds, but you may need to add some pectin if you want this to set correctly. You can add fresh herbs and spices as well -- try some oregano and basil for a pizza jam!

This jam is great with cheese -- I love it with a nice aged pecorino or a super fresh ricotta (there's a fun and easy recipe for homemade ricotta in the cookbook too!). Or use it in a grilled panini with fresh basil and mozzarella.

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