Strawberry Season is for Jammers

It's the end of strawberry season and have we got the jam for you!
The ladies of Anarchy picked over 34 pounds of organic berries in mid-June, despite the slight drizzle of another rain-soaked summer day. The Thompson-Finch Farm in Ancram, NY is beautiful and one of the few organic pick-your-own farms in the region (look for raspberry and apple creations later in the summer).
And then we made jam. So much jam that we got a little crazy. But, being experimental anarchists, we made a variety of different styles and flavors. Want a taste? (of course you do!)
And we want to know what you think! Order a jar of our inaugural batch of strawberry jams (sure to be classics) for only $6 per 8 ounce jar and we will deliver it anywhere in the Brooklyn/Manhattan area. Plus, for a limited time you can receive 2 jars for only $10!! All we ask is for your feedback.........
Without Further Ado, the menu:
Just Strawberry Jam: long maceration process resulting in a more "cooked" flavor with deep strawberry richness
Strawberry Balsamic Jam: whole fruit, long maceration process with a balsamic bite--great with goat cheese!
Early Glow Strawberry Jam: made from an heirloom variety, whole fruit, long maceration process, sweet, fresh flavor
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam: long maceration process, lots of strawberry goodness but with the tart flavor of rhubarb to excite the taste buds
New-World Strawberry Jam: very little cooking and the addition of natural citrus pectin makes this bright red, more jelledand American-style jam--perfect compliment to peanut butter toast
Act fast! Small supply means this year's strawberry jam is about to disappear!
Jam on.