Jammin on the Road

Jammin at Casa Blanco

The ladies of Anarchy have been on the road in New England and California the past few weeks, vacationing and collecting fruit to play with.

Liv traveled to Vermont and acquired some raspberries and blackberries from Uncle Wolf (a great painter and generous fruit gatherer) and to Southern California where she picked fresh, gorgeous black mission figs that we made into some stellar jam (Forbidden Fig Jam).

Laena went to Cape Cod where she foraged for rosehips (to be made into Really Rosy Rosehip Jelly) and Maine where she got blueberries (for Easy Like Sunday Morning Blueberry Preserves with maple syrup and Bitter Blue blueberry marmalade), some of which she made into a pie for Andy's infamous garden party at Casa Blanco.

Now we are back in Brooklyn preserving our adventures in a jar.