Rise of the Jamarchy

We had another successful jam-boree jam tasting this past weekend, and cooked up some specialty, limited supply concoctions for the occasion. Thanks, Jamarchists, for a good time. We'll have another jam tasting in December.

Here's a sampling:

Sugar Plum Fairy Preserves
Golden sugar plums, trockenbeerenauslese (ice dessert wine), and sugar
A tantalizing mix of sugar plums from upstate New York and an amazing bottle of fancy trockenbeerenauslese ice wine. Trockenbeerenauslese is made from grapes left on the vine until nearly dry. Because these grapes, picked one by one at fullest maturity, are very concentrated in flavor and sugar, they produce extremely rich, nectarous wines often described as "liquid gold". This is top shelf jam. Exquisite plum flavors, concentrated sweet fruit balanced beautifully by acidity to maintain a light and lively feel in the mouth and heady pleasure to all the senses. Close your eyes and eat this with a spoon.

Fig-alicious Jam
black mission figs, sugar and lemon juice
Made black mission figs that were picked fresh and smuggled to us from California (thanks Jamarchist agents). Pure, perfect fig. A sweet, flavorful aphrodisiac.

Easy Like Sunday Morning Blueberry Jam
blueberries, maple syrup, sugar and lemon juice
Made from a mix of blueberries from Uncle Wolf's and Kelder's Farm in upstate New York. Sweet blueberry perfection with a rich maple syrup body. Loose, European style set.

Due to the success of Easy Like Sunday Morning, well be adding it to our permanent menu!

For more info on our jams, jellies, chutneys and preserves, see our tasting notes page.
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