Hot Fireman's Pear Jam

taken by fetchy My mother bought me a bunch of pears from a local fireman to support my hometown firehouse. They're from his backyard,  and although their not the most attractive little things (blotchy, brownish green skin), they taste good and will work perfectly with a hit of smoky chipotle--smokin' hot fireman!

I have a bag of magical chipotle stinking up my desk with its heady, smoky lapsang souchong aroma. Chipotles are amazing: smoke-dried jalapeño chilis with intense, sweet and spicy flavor. They are kept on the vine as long as possible, and when the jalapeños are deep red and have lost much of their moisture, they are selected to be made into chipotles. This means all the sweetness and flavor is condensed in their shriveled little selves. Yum.

When I asked the Facebook/Twittersphere what to put in a Fireman's Pear Jam, I got a lot of creative responses. I was tempted by suggestions of  ginger, pomegranate and chile, bourbon, Tabasco sauce and garlic, cinnamon, a moustache, some rubber boots, and a bunch of dirty jokes, and many more. I'll let you know how the chipotle works!

We be jammin.