Spiced Beer Jelly #3: Vienna Pale Ale

As posted before, each batch of beer jelly gets a new beer. The honest truth is I go to Sixpoint Craft Ales in Red Hook and hang out around their "water cooler" taps in the back room with Cathy Erway and the beer guys, and we chat about what would be good to use this time. Often these taps have the small batch beers, special flavors that they've been working on. Each one has been amazing and this time I'm using the Vienna Pale Ale. It's awesome!! What does it taste like? It's very pretty with a hazy golden opaque color. They used chamomile in it, but there's a base of malt that gives it a honey and yeasty flavor. The body is light and vivacious with a little bit of gentle carbonation. Lots of delicious herbal flavors bounce all over your mouth and I think it will work great in a jelly. Look for it next week at the market!