Lime and Pandan Marmalade is Back!

It's that hot hot time of the year again, and with the temp in the 90s and rumored to hit the triple digits this week we're bringin' back an old favorite: Lime and Pandan Marmalade! Folks keep asking for it at markets and since we love it too, it seemed the perfect time to revisit. For a special twist on our classic flavor, we got our hands on some awesome key limes, so we mixed those with the juice and zest from regular Persian limes. We also added pandan leaves, which are long green leaves of the herbaceous tropical Pandanus plant (also called Screw Pine, a much less charming name). In Southeast Asia, pandan leaves are used to lend a unique nutty, tropical, almost musky taste and aroma to desserts and drinks. Pandan leaves are used in everything from textiles to medicine to religious ceremonies. And they're delicious with limes! Laena's friend Carla, who she used to cook alongside at Chestnut in Carroll Gardens, is a renowned pastry chef and designed chocolates for an infamous chocolate company for many years. She exposed Laena to the awesomeness of pandan by slipping her a little vial of the extract years ago and after she dribbled some into limes, this magical marmalade was born!

Poor Emma had to chop these tiny little suckers until her fingers ached! But at least they smell great.