Private Jam Class :: Security Deposit

Private Jam Class :: Security Deposit


Your love is sweet like jam, spicy like mustard

Sometimes you just want to make something a little different and special for your friends, guests or colleagues. Something a little more personal, so you can savor the season long afterwards. But the reality of making your own jam, chutney, or mustard (picking a flavor, shopping and prepping ingredients, properly cooking, filling jars, safely processing, labeling, and storing: whoa), can seem daunting. 

Our private class is a perfect solution. In this workshop, our jam queen, Laena, will come to your home and make jam with you or you and a few friends. Together, we'll make a delicious, beautiful, eco-conscious batch of homemade preserves. 

Even better? We work with you to create your own unique flavor! Laena will send you her fun "flavor quiz" to gauge what flavors you like, and together we'll craft a special, delicious, unique jam, chutney, or mustard.


We provide everything:

  • All the ingredients (fruit, sugar, etc)

  • Unique labels (we print, and help you label)

  • All the equipment (pots, etc)

  • Pretty 2-ounce, travel-safe jars and lids

  • The labor and expertise

  • A bottle of sparkling water or wine to drink while we cook

We'll come to your home if you live in the Tri-State area (New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Long Island). 


Beautiful, handcrafted gifts made quickly and efficiently in a few hours at your home or our Brooklyn workshop space. When our workshop is complete, you will have edible favors that are labeled, ready to gift, safely packed to store and ship.


Workshops start at $280 per hour, which includes everything. Most workshops last 2 to 3 hours.

This $100 security deposit is required to confirm and book the workshop. It is non-refundable if you cancel less than two months in advance. 

We'll send you a contract before the workshop, so you can be sure we deliver as promised!

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